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New York CITY 

or San Francisco?

Pick a coast, pack a bag and plan for adventure.

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in one of these two great culinary cities.*

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Taste your way through one of these great foodie cities.

Hit a few of our favorite spots - SPQR in SF or Xi’an Famous Foods in NYC.


New York City or San Francisco 

How Long?

4 days, 3 nights


Fall 2018 (Sept. 1 – Oct. 31)


Spring 2019 (Mar. 1 – Apr. 30)

Who is Creminelli?

We are food lovers, most notably known for transforming authentic charcuterie into fresh, clean-label, protein snacks. We love to discover and share foods and flavors from all over the world - after all, that’s how we got our start; a trip to Italy, the discovery of amazing charcuterie and the ambition to share it with the world. It’s that same passion that inspired us to create this opportunity for fellow foodies to create experiences of their own in one of these two great culinary cities —

New York City or San Francisco.